Thank you everyone for your outstanding support for this inaugural year at Blue Ridge Fiber Fest!


Our vendor applications are closed for 2018


If you have made arrangements to send in your application and you are not on our list of vendors yet, your application will still be accepted, we just have not received it at this point.  We update regularly, so when you are received you are added to our list.


We have had inquiry for space in 2019, and several requests to be put on the list of vendors.  Because this is our first year, we intend to spend some time this summer reviewing your critiques and suggestions.  Once we have formulated a plan for 2019, we will post on social media and on this web site the procedure for next year, and the application. 


The vendor form below is for 2018.  You are free to review it until the new form is put up.  Also, please feel free to send an email if you'd like  a personal email with forms attached -